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  • 1999-2016 F250/350/450 Super Duty trucks


    Super Duty trucks are vulnerable by prying under the handle or by punching the lock cylinder into the door.

    It's fast, easy and doesn't attract much attention.


    The Jimmi' Jammer™ for Ford Super Duty trucks prevents thieves from getting at the lock rods inside the door or punching the lock into the door.

    What about the rear doors on a four door truck?

    Your back doors are vulnerable too! >>

    Thieves have figured out how to get at the rods inside the door cavity on rear doors by pulling the bottom of the handle away from the body metal and using a piece of wire or screwdriver to move the internal rods.

    This same method is used on passenger side front doors that do not have a lock cylinder. Put a plate on each door!

    Important Information: Some Super Duty owners are replacing front door handles with rear handles to eliminate the lock cylinder. While this is a good visual deterrent, most thieves already know how to get in even though no lock is present.

    If you replace your handles, you still need the Jimmi' Jammer™ to keep the thieves out!

    Each Jimmi' Jammer™ kit comes with everything needed:

    - Jimmi' Jammer™ plate for each door
    - Circular clamp for each lock holder
    - Window warning labels
    - Step by step instructions
    Note: Each kit comes with two plates. Front and rear kits sold separately. These models do not fit 2017 and newer SuperDuty, but we have others that will. (See PN 113700 and 113725.)


    PN 103001 fits 1999-2016 F250/350/450 Super Duty trucks with lock cylinder on drivers door only. (Passenger side plate will not have a hole for the lock. See photo) >>

    PN 103002 fits 1999-2016 F250/350/450 Super Duty trucks that have a lock on each front door.

    PN 103010 fits the rear doors on a four door truck. You can also use this kit when you replace your front handles with rears. Just be sure to put a plate on each door! Fits 1999-2016 SuperDuty.

    PN 113475 fits the tailgate handle on 2008-2016 Super Duty trucks.