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  • PSP Diesel 6.0L / 6.4L Aluminum Oil Pan - High Capacity



    NOTE!!! On 2wd trucks, sway bar drop brackets are needed to clear the oil pan.  

    PSP Diesel and Moroso Performance Products have teamed up to bring you the ultimate oil pan solution for your 6.0L Power Stroke diesel! Understanding the importance of heat dissipation and lower oil temperatures, we have designed a 100% bolt-on solution. Made of rigid 5052 aluminum, fitted cooling fins, and with higher capacity than stock (5-7 qts), this oil pan will dramatically lower the temperature of your oil. The pan also comes with a baffle system that will keep the oil where it needs to be during high boost launches on the drag strip or street.


    The pan now features a -12AN drain to accommodate the drain for an aftermarket or compound turbo setup.  In the past you needed to modify your factory oil pan to accept the new turbo drain, now you can upgrade your oil pan AND get the mods you need for all modern turbo kits.  If you aren't upgrading your turbo at this time, we include a cap for the 12AN drain to be used with all factory drain setups.