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  • ODawgs 6.4 high flow intake


    The 6.0L Power Stroke is known for having air restrictions that can seriously limit its power potential. Upgrading the turbo is a great first step, but all that new air still gets backed up in the restrictive intake manifold. 

    ODAWG DIESEL has solved that problem with their fully ported 6.0L intake manifolds that will allow your engine to get all the air it needs to make big power. By increasing the efficiency of the system, fully ported intakes will also increase your fuel economy!

    Unlike other ported intakes on the market, ODAWG DIESEL casts their manifolds for perfect production every time. Casting eliminates all weld seams for a cleaner look and better performance. It also allows ODAWG to offer the most affordable fully ported 6.0L intake manifold on the market! With incredible attention to detail, this intake will add power, fuel economy, and good looks to any build!

    Fully cast design

    100% Designed and Made in the USA

    Custom cast bungs on the top of the intake to ensure a 100% seal with an O-ring plug

    150-200 degree EGT drop

    Faster Spool

    Increased fuel economy

    Supporting mod for more power