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Featuring 3/8" stainless steel braid Teflon insulated lines, two 1/4" stainless braid lines to that are built to properly clear the heads and exhaust manifolds while being the first kit to use open fittings instead of banjos at the rear to maximize flow. Included is a 0-100 psi dry gauge (if it breaks it won't goo everywhere) an aeromotive 0-75 psi adjustable regulator, 3/8" return line to a compression fitting to adapt and eliminate the factory return from the stock regulator.
This kit maintains the stock regulator housing, this kit will cure the dead head design of the 6.0 fuel rail feed system as it now maintains pressure throughout the head, because of the fuel circulating through the head and regulated at 60-65 psi. We do not recommend running above 65 psi as it may cause injector o ring damage.