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ATS Diesel 7.3 E4OD Trans, 1995-1998 Ford Super Duty 4wd


ATS Diesel 7.3 E4OD Trans, 1995-1998 Ford Super Duty 4wd


The 4-Speed automatic E4OD transmission can be found in multiple trucks across Fords offering. Unfortunately, the E4OD can also be found behind many gas powered trucks as well. This transmission was designed to hold the power, but not the torque that a 7.3L diesel can produce. The good news is, that we can make the E4OD incredibly strong, reliable, and smooth.

The first thing that needs to be addressed is the clutch packs. These are the connection point for a transmission when transferring power in the gears. These clutch packs have a great deal of room for improvement. When we rebuild the transmissions in-house, we replace the overdrive, intermediate, and forward clutch pack backing plates with machined plates. This allows us to install an extra clutch in each pack. This gives us more surface area to hold added power or heavier loads. Being that there is less chance for slipping the clutches when engaged, it also increases reliability.

Next, we move to the transmission pump. This serves two purposes: circulating fluid and pressurizing it. Our main goal with the pump is to increase its pressure output ability. By doing this, we can raise pressure throughout the entire transmission, which takes us to the valve body.

The valve body is known as the "control center" of the transmission. This is what mechanically controls gear up-shifts and down-shifts, converter lock up, Park/neutral/reverse/drive, and line pressure. The main thing we are after here is line pressure, which the valve body acts as control. By increasing line pressure, we have the ability to increase the clamping force that is put on the clutch packs. Holding them tighter, also drastically increase the torque capacity on the transmission. 

Finally we direct our attention to the rest of the transmission. This includes replacing all bearings and seals with new parts, and replacing the bands as well. The case is cleaned and painted with a sealed enamel to keep your transmission looking good, and prevent any type of corrosion. And finally, our deep pan reinforces the case to prevent flexing or cracking.

E4OD Modifications:

  • - Low reverse frictions and and steels
  • - Forward frictions and oversized steels with one additional friction and steel added
  • - Machined forward pressure plate .250"
  • - Direct frictions and oversized steels
  • - Intermediate frictions and steels with one additional friction and steel added
  • - Intermediate pressure plate
  • - Overdrive frictions and steels with one additional friction and steel added
  • - Machined overdrive pressure plate .170"
  • - Coast clutch friction and steels
  • - Low roller clutch
  • - Heavy duty intermediate sprag
  • - Overdrive roller clutch
  • - Bonded coast clutch piston
  • - Bonded overdrive piston
  • - Band
  • - Bushings, bearings, filters, seals, and gaskets