New Products Just Arrived
  • BD Diesel 6.0 TapShifter / Exhaust Brake 2003-2007


    • Delivers up to 70psi exhaust backpressure
    • Works great with stock applications
    • Combination Exhaust Brake & TapShifter
    • Access all 5 gears with a tap of your finger
    • Full control over transmission shifting
    • Utilizes factory variable geometry turbocharger as an exhaust brake for added retarding force
    • Outstanding for towing, racing and street use
    • For towing, gear down during hill descents and lock out overdrive for hill climbing and curvy roads
    • For street use, limit the range of gears to reduce gear hunting and keeping RPM high for quicker response
    • For racing and dyno, allows manual control of transmission gears and on demand control of torque converter lockup
    • New Ford OE 6.7L style shift lever with +/- selector switch
    • Mini gear selection display
    • Premade wiring harnesses



    • 12-Months
    • 24,000 Miles