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  • Bullet Proof Diesel Engine Oil System Upgrade 2003-2004 - Upgraded Oil Filtration - Heavy-Duty Air/Oil Cooling; Designed for All Climates



    • Upgrade Engine Reliability with Better Oil Filtration and Cooling
    • Real-world Tested And Patented Product; from Baja to Alaska
    • Heavy-duty Cooler Designed For Heavy-duty Applications
    • Bullet Proof Oil Filtration Prevents Issues With the OEM Oil Filter Assembly
    • Not Compatible With Most After-market Bumpers without additional bracket.  See "Before you Buy"
    • Not Compatible With Tilt-cab Applications

    This kit will allow you to upgrade your 6.0L Ford engine oil cooler from the problematic OEM style to our reliable and capable Air to Oil engine oil cooler.  Upgrading your engine oil cooler is one of the MOST IMPORTANT upgrades you can do if reliability and longevity is your goal.

    This kit also upgrades the engine oil filtration to a reliable, simple, spin-on style filter that is commercially available from Wix, NAPA, etc.

    This is the perfect kit for towing and hot and cold climates.  Remember - It's not where you live, it's where your BulletProof 6.0L will take you!

    Not sure about the "All Climate" or "Hot Climate" option?  The All Climate is designed for those that experience cold weather; this package adds a patented engine oil thermostat that prevents the oil from operating at too low of a temperature.

    Keep in mind, the Bullet Proof air-to-oil cooler is designed to work in hot summer climates like Phoenix, Arizona. This means that it will work exceedingly well in Alaska in January. Good rule of thumb? If you think you might need the all climate option, then you should buy it.