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  • Bullet Proof Hitches - Frame Mounted Hitch Stabilizer Bars


    These are our Frame Mounted Hitch Stabilizer Bars. This Kit includes 2 black powder coated heavy duty steel bars that connect the bottom of the hitch to the frame rails on the truck. This eliminates all leverage on the trucks hitch receiver. This kit includes all hardware and brackets needed to install on your vehicle. The bars are adjustable from 29″-39″ inches allowing them to fit any vehicle. Another great benefit of the stabilizer bars is that they can be tightened down to eliminate all slop/wobble in the hitch to make it SOLID! If you want to set your truck apart from the rest the Frame Mounted Hitch Stabilizer Bars certainly make a statement that your truck is ready to pull anything!

    Some drilling is required! One 5/8″ hole in the hitch gusset and four 1/2″ holes in the frame are required.

    This kit does not include any drill bits.

    If purchased at the same time as a hitch the bracket for the hitch will come pre-installed

    The Frame Mounted Hitch Stabilizer Bars will fit all existing BulletProof Hitches with 8″ of drop or more.

    This kit is recommended for any Bulletproof Hitch with 8″ of drop or more.