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Bullet Proof Hitches - 3.0” Heavy Duty 8″ Drop/Rise

**Please measure your receiver before ordering!!** **Please call with any questions**
This is our 3.0″ Heavy Duty 8″ drop or rise over stock. Unlike many of our competitors, we use solid steel construction to ensure maximum strength and towing capacity.
All of our hitches are proudly made in the USA and are rigorously tested exceeding SAE-J684 weight testing requirements. The hitch has 5 different ride heights that are easily set by pulling the two pins and moving the ball up or down. It features our own bulletproof ball rated to 2 5/16″ = 22,000LBS & 2″ = 12,000LBS. The edges of the steel bar are CNC chamfered for appearance and functionally making it easy to remove the hitch and install it into any receiver. The hitch comes powder coated in epoxy heavy duty black.

Please Note: This hitch is a true 8″ Drop. The overall length of the hitch is 14″ long.
The 3.0″ Heavy Duty 8″ Drop Features 
Solid Steel Construction
Precision CNC milled and drilled
8″ drop or rise
Heat Treated pins
Bullet Proof Hitch ball 2 5/16″ & 2″
Durable epoxy black powder coat
Tongue weight 3000lbs Max Capacity 22,000lbs

This hitch is rated to 22,000lbs and exceeds SAE-J684 weight testing requirements.
Bullet Proof Hitches Lifetime guarantee! Proudly Made in the USA!  Strongest adjustable hitch on the market!


What size hitch do I need
First measure the receiver opening to determine what size shank your truck requires it will be 2”, 2.5” or 3” (2017 ford only).
Next, Park the vehicle on level ground and measure from the ground to the bottom of the receiver tube, then take that measurement and apply it to the chart below.
Receiver height                           Hitch drop required
36″+                                               Custom built call us 941-251-8110
36”                                                  16”
35”                                                  16”
34”                                                  16”
33”                                                  14”
32”                                                  14”
31”                                                  14”
30”                                                  12”
29”                                                  12”
28”                                                  12”
27”                                                  10”
26”                                                  10”
25”                                                  10”
24”                                                    8”
23”                                                    8”
22”                                                    8”
21”                                                    6”
20”                                                    6”
19”                                                    4”
18”                                                    4”
17”                                                    4”
16”                                                    4”in rise position
15”                                                    4”in rise position
14”                                                    4”in rise position
13”                                                    4”in rise position
12”                                                    4”in rise position

If you have any questions deciding which is the best hitch for your truck give us a call on 941-251-8110 and a member of the BulletProof Hitch team will be happy to help!