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Precision Metal Fab PMF HD Single Piece Draglink for 2005-2018 Ford Power Stroke


The factory draglink on the 2005-2018 trucks is a known weak link in the steering system. The cause for this weakness lies within the design of the adjuster on the stock unit. This allows the rod to flex when put under a load caused by road variations or steering input. Increased tires and lift size adds even more stress to this part. Upgrading to our single piece unit will eliminate ALL flex and tighten up the feel of your steering wheel. This is an upgrade that you can notice a night and day difference in the second you open the box and lay the two side by side. We use a single piece rod and machine the appropriate threads to prevent any possible flex. We have two version of this bar. A "Direct Replacement" that comes with a Moog "Problem Solver" series of tie rod end that will fit into your stock pitman arm with no modifications. This is recommended for most street driven trucks and guys that are not wanting to build custom steering setups. We also offer a second "Offroad" version that comes with a heavy duty Ballistic joint. With this you will need to drill out your pitman arm to accept the supplied bolt. Although this version is stronger, it modifies your steering geometry. Also due to the design of this joint, it will need more frequent service. All needed hardware is included. Rod is powdercoated black wrinkle for a long lasting finish.

As an option for a complete R&R, we have a heavy duty Moog lower/passenger side tie rod end available for purchase.  If you would like to add this to your order, simply select it as an option!