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Holders Diesel Premium Stage 1 Reman 6.0L Power Stroke 155cc Fuel Injectors


Holders Diesel Premium Remanufactured Fuel Injectors

As 6.0 Power Stroke fuel injectors get older and accumulate higher mileage, the typically reusable parts, such as spool valves, plungers, intensifier pistons, and solenoids, start to wear down and stop performing as they were intended.

For this instance, we have come out with our Premium Remanufactured fuel injector.  This line of injectors contains 100% new moving and electronic parts. This makes it the highest quality injector available for your 6.0 Power Stroke engine.  To back the quality of this injector we have added an unmatched 3 year/100k mile warranty.

If you have questions on injector size for your application or supporting modifications.  Please email or call us for any questions. or (941) 217-4159

Listed price includes one set of 8 fuel injectors with specified nozzle.