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IDP 6.0L T4 Complete kit S364.5FMW


Irate Diesel 6.0 T4 mounting system with 304ss pedestal, collector with bellowed up-pipes, custom machined aluminum oil supply and drain flanges with stainless oil line and hardware for installation.  This system has divided uppipes for faster spool up and this mount will fit any T-4 turbo from an S300 to an S400 turbo, as well as the Garret turbos!  

The system will reuse the factory/aftermarket downpipe location.  The 364.5FMW should bolt directly up to the downpipe and be able to re-use the intake and hot side intercooler pipe. (some MBRP downpipes do not work and hit firewall) The Diamond eye 4" works perfectly) 

When adding fuel upgrades to your 6.0 it is just as important to match the air flow into the engine to maintain efficiency and get the most performance out of your application. 

The 364.5FMW will have a 74mm exhaust side and the Billet wheel will flow close to what a standard 66mm will.  It comes STOCK with a 360* thrust to be able to take more drive pressure than a standard 270* thrust.

 **This turbo will work great for 155cc-190cc injectors and is good for 450-550RWHP in a 6.0L aplication.   

** For the fastest spool up with stock to 175cc injectors on a 6.0L we recomend the smaller custom 68mm wheel shown as an option!!!