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Midwest Diesel 5R110 Transmission


We have been building the 5R110 Transmissions for years. It takes a lot of trial and error, and perfecting to get the perfect formula for the best 5R110. We offer 2 levels of transmissions, rating our Street Transmission at 700RWHP, and our Competition Transmission for anything beyond that. We can either build your core or exchange for a unit we have in stock.

Street: Comes with new Raybestos clutches, bearings, seals, valve body, pump, solenoids, sensors, trans cooler, and 300 Maraging input. The Street transmission has been proven to withstand years of abuse below the 700RWHP power level. 

Street Trans Additions

Please note, you can also choose to purchase the other TCS Billet Parts that we add to our competition units, individually, to add to your street transmission. The units we keep on the shelf are built to the above spec, but we are always happy to build one with the specific parts you would like to add. Be sure to specify you want these parts before we build your transmission, once it is assembled to your specification, there will be a 105.00 per hour labor charge to disassemble and change your existing Street transmission order.

Competition: Comes with all the essentials as the street but also has a TCS Billet Intermediate Shaft, TCS Billet Overdrive Planetary, TCS Billet Low Reverse, New Ford Pump, New Ford Transmission cooler, New Ford Solenoid Body, and an upgrade to the strongest input shaft on the market; the TCS Aemert Billet Input Shaft. 

Approved tuning must be run with these transmissions to validate warranty. Tuning is the number 1 cause of transmission failure that we see. If you are concerned about your tuning, please contact us by phone or email to discuss a different option.

$2000 core charge

$400 shipping round trip