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Premium Retro Fit Kit for 2011-2014 6.7L Power Stroke


Retrofit your 11-14 truck to accept 15+ style turbo.

This kit does not include Turbo Pedestal, Oil feed line, or Coolant feed line.


 Retrofit Kit fits the 2011-2014 6.7 Power Stroke with the updated 2015-2017 style turbocharger. We assemble this kit to be optimized with extra aftermarket components such as a full 4" stainless steel downpipe, plug for the passenger up pipe EGT port, and extra hardware to replace fasteners that are prone to breaking during disassembly.

Everything that you need to install the 2015-2017 style charger in your truck is included in this kit.

This is the perfect option for the person who does not want to shop for missing parts when swapping their turbo.

*Requires custom tuning to operate to full potential.*