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  • Power Stroke Products Camshaft - OEM through Stage 3


    • OEM option: 
    • NEW OEM Billet camshaft
    • NO CORE
    • This is a factory OEM camshaft for the 6.0L,6.4L  2003-2010 Ford Power Stroke Diesel.
    Stage 1 option:

    176/196 grind
    106 LSA
    .254″ Lift  intake/ .255″ Exhaust

    Allows quicker spool up with OEM and aftermarket turbo chargers. Noticeable power gains and torque will be seen when street driving or heavy pulling. This camshaft works great as a drop-in when all clearances are factory.

    Stage 2 option:
    This cam grind 180/202 is ideal for those who want a little more power with a bigger charger. This can spool larger chargers and is perfect for weekend warriors/drag strip applications.

    Stage 3 option
    This Cam grind is quite a bit bigger than our stage 2, and for that reason a very large turbo is needed or a set of compounds and this cam should generally only be used for competition.