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River City Diesel 6.4L 2008-2010 Ford Power Stroke 72mm Atmosphere Turbo


RCD 72mm Atmosphere Upgrade
This is the easiest way to add horsepower, and cooler egts are your tuned 6.4 Powerstroke
We start from a brand new OEM Ford Low Pressure Turbo, and perform our modification to increase the compressor to a Billet 72mm wheel.
This turbo can support 700RWHP with supporting modifications, and is one of the most popular, and noticeable upgrades you can do to your truck.
We are the only competitor on the market who offers a guaranteed core return policy, because we start from a new turbocharger every time.
What this means for you, is even if you've broken the shaft, destroyed your turbine/compressor, you still receive your core charge when we receive your stock/core turbo.