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  • SDP 6.4 Wastegate Install Kit Ford 2008-2010


    Install a wastegate on our 2008-2010 6.4 Ford trucks to replace the factory wastegate that is thru the EGR coolers.  Many have already done an EGR cooler delete thus eliminating their wastegate protection of both engine and turbo's.  Control back pressure or drive pressure with an external wastegate kit.  We offer this basic piping kit to install a customer supplied wastegate to full kits that include a prewelded downpipe for easy install.  When installing a wastegate kit on these trucks, its best to be done with the cab off.  It can however, be done cab on, but it just makes welding the dump or wastegate outlet into the downpipe more difficult.  Options include: EGR cooler deletes, choice of controller options, and choice of wastegate brands.