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Swamps Hi Voltage/Frequency IDM


The HiVHiHz IDM is a rebuilt unit, which has been modified to increase both the voltage & the frequency of the signals that fire the fuel injectors. 30rwhp increases are common on mildly modified 7.3L Power Stroke engines. We offer a one year warranty* on all of our custom electronic components. 

While other companies are simply increasing the output voltage of the Injector Driver Module, we are taking this modification to the max by increasing both the output voltage, as well as increasing the frequency of the signals going to the fuel injectors! 

This electronic modification to the IDM circuit results in a stronger signal that forces the fuel injector to flow more fuel for a given electrical duration.

The $250 core charge will be refunded as long as you send us a usable core.  If your IDM has been soldered or modified in any way which makes it not rebuild-able your core charge will not be refunded!!!

The $275 price is to modify a "good core"...basically if the truck is running without a SES or CEL light illuminated...then that core will be considered 'good' and full core refund will be issued. If the truck is constantly illuminating the SES/CEL light...OR the vehicle is not running at all...and the IDM is may not receive full core credit.