New Products Just Arrived



The TechSmart FICM power supply is a completely brand new, simpler version of the OEM power supply. It comes in a 4-pin configuration (see video below for more information) and is covered by a one year parts-only exchange warranty. It is designed and assembled in the USA and utilizes gold plated contacts to maximize power distribution.

The power supply comes with instructions and new heat sink material.

An optional version comes pre-mounted in an OEM FICM cover. This option will save you time and hassle, making installation that much easier.

This FICM does NOT need to be programmed because this product is JUST the power supply portion of the FICM, not the entire FICM. The entire FICM consists of two parts: the logic board and the power supply. The logic board seldom fails and it is the part with the programming on board. The power supply half of the FICM fails 9/10 times (according to Ford) and this portion of the FICM does not need to be programmed.

This FICM is the POWER SUPPLY ONLY. This product will require you to swap out your power supply on your FICM. This is easy to do and is explained in the installation manual that comes with this product.

This product can not be returned or exchanged once installed. This product is available only in the 4-pin configuration.