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TransferFlow 109 Gallon Refueling Tank System 37 Gallon In-bed Auxiliary Fuel Tank System - TRAX 3


We've designed an aftermarket fuel tank specifically to fit under Pace-Edwards and Truck Covers USA retractable canister bed covers. Our 37-gallon L-shaped in-bed auxiliary tank will extend your driving range and provide a gallon amount you can feel comfortable filling as fuel prices fluctuate. The auxiliary system is computer-controlled by our patented TRAX 3™ operating system with exclusive AutoTrans® technology. All TRAX 3™ systems include an LCD module that displays fuel levels in both the main and auxiliary tanks. Computer-controlled automatic fuel transfers mean worry-free operation, and much safer and more reliable operation than gravity fed systems. Built from ReliaSteel®, high-yield U.S. aluminized steel; and powder coated black, TFI tank systems offer superior corrosion resistance and strength.

Note: Included with this order is the TRAX 3 Computer Without Module Only For Programming (PN: 0200B16510)