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TransferFlow 70 Gallon Fuel Tank and Tool Box Combo - TRAX 3


All-in-one, over-the-rail toolbox and fuel tank combo. Raise or lower toolbox to fit the depth of your truck bed. Fits Ford, GM, Dodge Ram short and long bed full-size diesel trucks. Custom fit at time of installation. Complete auxiliary fuel tank system. Auxiliary fuel tank is computer controlled with our TRAX 3™ Fuel Monitoring System. Locking storage area. Fillneck is located inside locking storage area. Comes standard with diamond plate lid. Gas filled shocks for easy opening and closing of lid. Fuel tank is baffled to reduce fuel slosh.

STORAGE SPACE : Minimum - 5 1/2 cubic ft., Maximum - 8 1/2 cubic ft. TOOLBOX DEPTH: Minimum - 9 1/2 inches deep, Maximum - 13 1/2 inches deep. Made in the USA.

Note: Included with this order is the TRAX 3 Computer Without Module Only For Programming (PN: 0200B16510)