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VGT-HO. 2004-07 Powerstroke

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This charger is based on the factory design Variable Geometry Turbocharger. Airflow output is increased by installation of a larger compressor wheel as well as the matching compressor housing. The turbine wheel is changed to a larger Inconel 10-blade wheel. Modifications are also performed to the turbine side to improve upon the reliability of the variable vanes. Provides more intake/exhaust airflow than any of the factory 6.0L turbochargers. Known to produce a noticeable exhaust whistle on most trucks. This turbo is a good combination for Stage 2.5 injectors. Dyno results over 575+ rear wheel horsepower have been recorded with proper fueling. Our Custom Tuning and Torque Converter will improve this turbo's spool-up time. This turbo comes with a new VGT solenoid. Designed for up to 50 psi of boost pressure. Includes manufacturer's Limited Warranty period of 6 months. Please note: This turbo has been used successfully with nitrous to produce high horsepower numbers this type of power is far past the units designed limits and can cut short the life of the turbo by over-speeding it. To help reduce this overspeeding take a look at our wastegated up-pipe.

Compressor Wheel Specs: Inducer 67.8mm/Exducer 94mm
This turbo fits 2004-2007 model turbo pedestals. 
Additional charges of $700 will be applied to order that will be refunded upon receipt and inspection of your satisfactory core turbo.